Art Time! #14 – Textures Undead Wing

Over the past couple of weeks I have been very busy painting textures for both the new boss and the new environment assets. It has been both fun and a total pain but in the end we are very happy with the result! 🙂

We decided that we wanted to share a couple of them as well as a little sneak peak of how they look in the game!

That is it for this week!



Lore Day! #7 – Squire Tamarrion part 2

She had not even had time to even think, young Lord Eiron took charge straight away, as he always did. In the blink of an eye he had turned her horse around and hit it with the flat of his sword while letting out a yell. Her horse started galloping away in panic. Tears started rushing down her face as he heard his voice cutting through the clash of swords and screams of pain, “run! Warn the others!”

Once she finally managed to slow the horse down, she was almost upon the hunting party. It had been so hard to speak, to say the words. The hunting party formed up immediately and the Lord gave Tamarrion instructions of leading them to the ambush site. The mood was completely changed from the joy that morning. They rode fast and silently.

Tamarrion felt a tear on her cheek as she remembered the sight when they arrived. They had found the bodies of the young lord and the other soldiers escorting him, lying dead on the ground. It had been the first time she had ever seen the horrors of battle. For all the practice and training she had actually never seen real battle. She had not been able to stop thinking of how she should have been there. It had been her responsibility to protect the young Lord. Could she have changed the outcome had she stayed and fought? Now she realised what she as a young girl could not, he had given his life to protect her. She had thought that it was her duty as a squire to protect him, but it had been his duty to protect their princess and future queen.

She had been like many young nobles before that day, too concerned with status and too confident in her own abilities. Losing a close friend and not being able to perform her duty of protecting the young Lord Eiron sparked a fear in her of not being able to help people and being useless in a fight. It was from that fear and sorrow a desire protecting her family and people grew.

Tamarrion thought of how different she was now, so far from the girl she used to be. Deep inside she could still feel the determination she had felt back then. She had started to practice harder than ever before, learning everything she could about weaponry and fighting so that she would never be unable to aid in battle. She would never leave anyone to die for her again.