Art Time! #13


For this week’s Art Time! we bring to you some screens of the new high poly models for the new area.

These were all made in Zbrush and then put in 3DS Max to use av a form for the low poly to be created out of. The low polys are now complete and we are in the process of putting everything together in Unity and building the scene.

In a few weeks we should be able to have something new to show you when it comes to the scene. Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Art Time!

Have a good one!


Art Time #12


It has been a while since our last art time, so we thought that it was about time to share some of what we have been working on. Lately I have been very busy with animations and our environment artist is working hard on the new boss level and areas between the bosses.

This week I would like to show you some images of Nihteana’s high poly models.

Nihteana’s High and Low polys are now complete, UV-mapped and the animations are in process. Soon we will be able to see her in action!



Lore Day! #6 – Squire Tamarrion part 1

As Tamarrion rode towards the city gates on her way from Turdael, she looked down on the young squire who was escorting her. She saw on his face the pride and excitement that he could barely contain from being given the honour of escorting a real life paladin. She smiled to herself and thought of how young he seemed, she had been too when she was a squire.

In these lands the customs were different; here only nobles’ sons were sent to other noble families to serve as squires in preparation of knighthood. In hers, and the neighbouring kingdoms, even royalty were required to serve as squires and be knighted before being eligible for the throne. Her father had always said it was to knock the arrogance out of them early and to see the world and lives of people outside of the castle walls. Princes and princesses were however usually sent to other members of the royal family.

Tamarrion had been sent to her uncle, Lord Eiron, when she was twelve. The thought of her years in the house of Eiron brought back memories of joy, warmth and safety. As she rode out through the city gates, thanking the squire whose eyes were gleaming, she could smell the scent of the forest, bringing her straight back to that day with a sudden burst of sharp pain.

It had been early fall, the leaves were yellow, some already turning orange or bright red. It was a day of joy and festivities and she was allowed for the first time to join the hunters in the annual deer hunt. At fourteen winters she had been allowed to be part of the escort of Lord Eiron’s youngest. She had been almost as excited and full of pride as her young escort in Turdael. She had always looked up to her older cousin; he was skilled with weapons and a natural leader, showing promise of climbing high in the military ranks.

They had been riding for some time and the sun had risen far above the treelines when a rock fall forced them to take a detour, separating the small group from the hunting party. She remembered how the murmur and soft laughter had suddenly changed into dead silence. For a moment all she could hear was the creaking of leather, the clinging of metal and the horses’ hooves as those in front of her stopped short. She and the young Lord Eiron had been at the rear. Suddenly they could see why, the party had ridden straight into an ambush.

End of Part 1

Development Diary #8: January Update


Welcome Back!

It’s now February the 1st, and it’s been a while since our last update. So, today we’re going to recap what we’ve been doing all January and what we’ve got in store for the future.

January and forward

We released a Demo version with completely overhauled graphics, improved gameplay, new UI elements and a brand new control scheme and camera.

It seems to have been received well by the people who downloaded it (Download here!), and we’ve gathered a lot of feedback which will hopefully improve our next iteration (see below!). We’ve also seen a small community grow on our sub-reddit (Tamarrion Subreddit), which will hopefully grow in the future as we continue development.

Other than releasing, we went straight back into production, and this time with a larger scope than before. The demo was the culmination of a complete redesign of the game, and it seems to have been well worth it, as we’re moving forward.

We’ve been talking about new bosses and new areas before, but we actually did not have the time to implement any of the new areas and bosses before releasing the small demo. So, that’s why we jumped straight into new content creation after releasing the demo; we’re done with the base systems (although we’re working on a complete HUD and UI overhaul) and are now free to focus on content creation.

This new content creation focus means that we’re creating areas, designing new bosses and working on new spells. In short – more, more, more!

Måns, our Environmental Artist is busy creating the entire “Undead Wing” as it is internally known. We’re about 70% done, there’s only one area that is still being designed. Cobrabird is busy creating the characters that will inhabit the Undead Wing.

Which leads me to;


Whilst we want to provide as much free content as possible, we’ll sooner or later want to start thinking about publishing the game. So, that’s why we’re going to keep updating the game for free until we’re done with the entire wing. When we’re completely done with the Undead Wing (polished deluxe), we will release the entire thing for free as our OFFICIAL demo.

We are still unsure if we’re going for a greenlight project on Steam with an early access program, a kickstarter (most likely not) or if we’ll look around for a publisher when we reaches this stage. But we’ll make sure to update y’all as soon as we know.

For now, enjoy the version 0.4, and we’ll make sure to release 0.5 as soon as the next area is complete (we like to be a couple of steps ahead before we release something, as we do not want to release anything too buggy).

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading.

//Perkulatorn, Lead Designer