Release Day!

After spending many weeks working hard it is finally time to release the first test version featuring the new PC controls and updated art style!
If you are on our mailing list you will already have recieved an email with a download link and hopefully played it, if not you can find it on our or our website.

As mentioned in previous post the game is still at a prototype stage, where we have made some major changes based on feedback that we were given from the first 8 week prototype that we have shown in several places.


Download it, Play it, Enjoy it and tell us what you think on our Reddit!

New Features Include:

New Environment

The room has been remade from scratch, with completely new models, textures and visual style.

Character Update

We have solved some problems with Tamarrion’s arms and shoulders and given her brand new textures and sword.

Visual Effects

Several of the visual effects have been completely reworked and we have worked with new Shaders.

New Controls

We have changed the Xbox controls that we had previously into PC controls, using the mouse and WASD. To fit the new controls the camera has also been altered.

Spell System

The way you cast spells have been altered so that the player will be more in control of where they land by changing them into skill shots.

God Powers

The High Lord, Eir and Revenna are still the same, but Verristien and Aiana have been reworked to be more interesting and/or been given new visual effects.



New Year, New Release

The dev team of Tamarrion would like to wish you all Happy New Year! A new year means a whole lot of new work to be done and features to test.

We have told you before that we have been working on a new release, that will contain major changes from the demo that we have had on showfloors.

The main differences are the new control schemes and updated graphics, it is still in a very early stage though and the point of this release is to test wether these changes are for better or for worse.

The coders are finishing up the build right now and it will only be a short while before it makes it out to our mailing list!

If you have not signed up yet it is not to late to go on our webpage and get on the list!