Loreday! #5 – Midwinter is Coming

It is almost christmas, parts of our team has already left the island to go home to their families. With this we will take a break from our regular updates and take some time off for the holidays. When we get back early next year we will kick off by releasing a new build to our signed up playtesters, so if you have not signed up yet, go to tamarriongame.com!

On behalf of the team behind Tamarrion, those of us that are still at the office would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year with this tale of Tamarrion’s midwinter!


The snow lay heavy on the ground and the stars were glistening in the dark sky. Tamarrion could hear her horse calmly chewing its hay. It was almost midwinter. She sipped at the warmed spiced wine that she had bought earlier that day. The cold air and the smell of the wine that was tradition in her homelands this time of year brought back the memory of past midwinters. Midwinter feasts that she had spent with her family, in her father’s castle.

She remembered the very first time that she had been allowed to stay up all night with the adults and taste that spiced wine, she had been twelve years old and her younger brother had protested loudly that she was allowed to stay up while he had to go to bed. Tamarrion laughed silently to herself while thinking of her mischievous little brother. She loved him dearly and was sure that he would make a good king in her place.

She thought of all the villagers who came to the castle to join the feast. There were many guests arriving even from outlying villages and everyone was welcome in the castle. All children of the village had joined Tamarrion and her brother in snowball fights and other games in the snow. Sometimes even the King and Queen had joined in the snowball fights, though they had to surrender quickly as the children teamed up against them. They had laughed and played until they were completely worn out. Then all of them had been welcomed into the kitchen for rich warm soup and pastries for dessert before being sent out to play again.

In the evening there was always the great banquet that lasted until late at night, with dish after dish being served. Tamarrion thought of her favourite dish, which always had its place on the menu, beef and red wine stew. If there was one thing she missed, other than her family, it was the beef and red wine stew. She felt her mouth watering and tried to think if she would pass a village large enough to have an inn where she could buy some.

Before midnight they would drink more of the spiced wine while singing the ancient songs to the High Lord and thank him for bringing back the sun, after which the children who were still awake would be sent off to bed. After midnight everyone were silent, praying on their own to the High Lord and whichever other gods they followed. For the first time Tamarrion realised that at every midwinter she had not only thought of the High Lord during those prayers. Deep in her mind she had asked Eir to protect her family and people, Aiana to bring prosperity to the kingdom, Verristien to protect them from dark magic and Revenna to guide her sword. She felt warmth in her as she wondered if they had always been with her, guiding her path.

She felt her horse’s breath as it muffled her neck; she knew that she was not alone, although she did not know where the High Lord would take her this midwinter. With a last look at the stars above her before falling asleep she prayed to the gods that they would bring peace and prosperity to her family and her people and that they would find joy in this midwinter even though she was not there.

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