Art Time! #9 – Tamarrion’s Facelift

When starting up the production again after creating the very first prototype of the game, we were aware that there were a few problem with Tamarrion’s model. This was mainly situated in the shoulder area and the problems were a combination of the topology not being optimal and having adjusted the rig to fit the poor topology.

In order to fix this I went back to her model and reworked the topology on her shoulders to make it more organic and letting the edge flow follow the muscular structure better. As I was already busy re-working the model I decided to make some adjustments to her arms as well based on feedback that we had been given. When designing the characters of the game we had an idea of creating contrast by using big and small shapes next to each other, but some players mentioned that her arms just looked too skinny, which probably meant that our idea did not shine through to the players.

Since I also raised her arms slightly to get them closer to her idle position and less of an A-pose I also had to go back to the high-poly model and adjust the armpit. While I was working on that I also experimented  with adding some muscles to her arms in order to work towards the feedback of our play testers.

Skärmklipp 2015-10-21 21.23.49

The team decided that we preferred the new version better than the old thinner arms which meant that these adjustments were also made to the ingame low-poly model.

The final step in this part of the process was adjusting the rig in order to achieve the best result when animating Tamarrion and redoing the skinning before being able to test the updated model in MotionBuilder to see how it all worked with Tamarrion’s animations. A few minor adjustments were made but the result was tremendously better than what we had before. At least that is what we think and we are excited to see what you play testers will have to say about the new model in our upcoming release!

That is it from us this week!


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