Development Diary #6: Update 1



My name is Oskar “Perkulatorn” Lidh Frykmark, and I’m the lead designer of Tamarrion.

I figured that today I’d talk a little bit about how far we’ve come, and what will be featured in the upcoming version that we’ll be releasing on the website in the coming week(s).

Skillshots and movement

Tomas, our lead programmer, has been busy rewriting the camera, controller and spell system from scratch.

What we’ve got right now is a rough sketch of how the new skillshot system will work. We’ve talked a bit about this in earlier development diaries, but we’ve actually got two skills that are being worked on that we can talk about (note that everything discussed in development diaries are subject to change at any moment).

“Radius Arcanum” – Spelltype: Magic

Straight-Line Skill Shot/Channeling

Cast time/Windup: 2.0s

Duration: 6.0s

Description: Channels a beam of pure energy straight forward. Damages the enemy every 0.5s for x% weapon damage. Every 1.5s the player manages to damage the same enemy, the damage increases ((x%) * 2). If at any time the spell stops hitting the same enemy continuously, the damage resets back to x% damage.


Classic Straight Line Free Shot (Beams/Projectiles)

“Sacred Ground” – Spelltype: Holy

Circle Skill Shot / Instant Cast

Cast time: instant

Duration: 10.0s

Description: Casts a Circle of healing that turns an area into sacred ground, damaging enemies for x% weapon damage per second. If at any time the player moves into the area, the area starts healing the player for (x% – difficulty) weapon damage. Whilst healing, the area does not hurt enemies.


Sacred Ground (Circle Freeshot) Bonus: Strafing!

These two spells will be up for testing in test build soon®. They are merely a proof of concept, and should not be seen as final spells.

We’ve also, as mentioned earlier, converted all movement from a xbox/ps controller, and mapped them for mouse and keyboard. This included strafing, which required us to create new animations. They are now implemented (!) and are being polished as we speak.

New Boss Mechanics

We’ve also included a new boss mechanic for Lord Valac (our first and only functional boss so far), as well as a whole new minion ai system in the game.

The new mechanic enhances the Ray of Death® soft-enrage mechanic, being worked on by our gameplay programmer Sebastian. When Lord Valac casts RoD, minions spawns randomly in the alcoves around the room (amount of minions varies from difficulty to difficulty), and charges towards the player. This system is VERY early days, but it’ll hopefully make the boss more interesting towards the very end of the boss fight. It’s all about that dramatic curve!



Sorry for keeping y’all waiting for a week, we’ll try to keep you updated on our further development as we enter crunch-time!



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