Art Time! #8

We are working hard getting ready for a new release of Tamarrion, if you want a chance to test it go to our website and sign up! For us artists this means that we have continued working on the environments, which will be ready for the release after this one that is coming up this weekend!

The major update at the moment is that we have implemented the new model of Tamarrion and finalized her textures, which we showed you last week.

This also means that we have finished transferring the animations that we talked about last time. But with the new controls that we are about to test, we needed new animations, we also need animations for the new boss character that we are working on. This meant going into the Motion Capture studio for a shoot!

Skärmklipp 2015-11-23 21.47.35

It was very tiring, took us a long time and was a lot of fun!

Most of the shoot can be watched here:

For myself that meant spending the rest of the week cleaning the mocap data for Tamarrion’s animations and starting to work on them in MotionBuilder. It was somewhat of a bumpy road and they are still a work in progress but we will have some new animations for the upcoming release!

Since I feel generous today, I will cheat and end this post with a little something from this week. When implementing the new model properly into the game and adding Dynamic Bone to her hair, our Lead Programmer found a little problem with the skinning.


That is it from me this week!


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