Lore Day #3 – The Necromancer Part 2

One day a young Lord rode into the village with his army, killing and plundering, leaving no survivors in an endeavour to please his father by expanding their realm. He found the, now fourteen year old, girl watching as three, clearly dead, ravens were killing a wounded villager that had tried to flee. Her laughter was so innocent and her eyes gleamed.

Lord Valac saw an ancient form of magic that he knew would be very useful in his crusade; it was thought to be near extinct. He took her in and gave her a home in his palace. For the first time in her life the girl had plenty of food, fancy clothes, jewellery, anything she wished the Lord would provide. The greatest gift was the laboratory where she was free to experiment on prisoners he brought back for her, dead as well as alive.

He called her “Nihteana” – My Bird of the Night.

Lord Valac brought in a priest of Malchrad, although worshipping him had been forbidden for centuries, to teach her to better control and grow her abilities. The servants were left in charge of teaching her the ways of the Lord’s court. Nihteana was treated like a princess and spent some years training and experimenting in the palace before following her Lord into battle. She would rarely leave his side, he was the only living being that she cared for and her hatred for the villagers grew to extend to all living people. Together they drove each other to new levels of madness and with, a now powerful, necromancer at his side Lord Valac would not only use his own army in his wars but let her raise the fallen enemies to fight for him.blogconceptniht2

The surrounding nations joined forces in one last desperate attempt to stop the wicked Lord just outside the gates of his palace. They managed to defeat Lord Valac’s army after a long and gruesome battle. The scattered remnants of his forces fled back to the palace with his body and buried him.

When Nihteana, who had stayed in her laboratory in the palace to experiment with an ancient recipe that they had found on a scroll deep in the ruins of a temple of Malchrad, learned that Lord Valac had fallen and the enemy army were near breaching the gates, she gave in to the anger and madness that she had carried for so long. Even though she did not have the time to finish it, she used the potion that was meant to give her tremendous power, knowing its strength would kill her. She was determined to take as many as possible with her, before either resurrecting her Lord or following him to the end. For a moment she managed to raise every fallen soldier to do her bidding, but it was not enough to win the fight; or bring him back. It is said that her laughter echoed over the entire battlefield before the potion took its toll.

When the attacking army found her body in the ruins of the palace they buried it in a crypt in the mountain. Priests of the High Lord who still knew the writings of the paladins sealed their tombs with holy symbols and made sure that the bodies were buried whole so that their souls would not be able to enter the world of the living.



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