Development Diary #5: Progression


Welcome back to the fifth installment of the development diary! My name is Oskar, and I’m the lead designer on this project.

We’ve covered most of the new features coming up soon on the test build, but we haven’t actually covered the player progression in the game.

Definition of progression in English:


[MASS NOUN] The process of developing gradually towards a more advanced state:good opportunities for career progression[COUNT NOUN]: a steady progression towards your goals

So let’s dive into what you, as a player, will actually do in the game!

First off, we’ve got to define what kind of progression we’re talking about, and how each type of progression works.

Game ProgressionHow does the game move forward? What’s the purpose of defeating a boss?

Character ProgressionHow do you, as a player, progress in the game?

End Game ProgressionWhat do I do when I’m pretty much finished with the game?

With these definitions in mind, let’s look a bit closer on what each of them entails.

Game Progression

So, if you haven’t followed this project earlier, Tamarrion is all about defeating bosses using the tools that the game gives you as a player.

The game is built around something we call “Wings”, or just zones that contains bosses with its own story arc, lore and mood. These zones contains one or several boss monsters. Each time a wing is cleared on whatever difficulty, a new, or several new zones opens up, each telling their own story in the overarching story-line, moving the story forward.

You mantle the role of a demi-god type of character, with immense powers, but – as all good stories, you’ve got to develop yourself and learn to control these powers. So the earliest areas might include squaring off against corrupted bandit lords, whilst at the other end of the spectra, several hours into the game, you might be squaring off against Giant dragons from the past. We’re working hard on creating a universe for you to explore; a universe that can be expanded upon, allowing us to update and create new content for players for a long time, long time.

Character Progression

There are several ways of progressing your character in-game. Now, it’s worth mentioning that it’s still early days for our gear and spell systems, but we’ve got some grandiose plans.

Each time a boss is killed, items drops from a randomized loot table (I’m not ready to talk about the loot system right now, but let’s just say that it’s going to be quite expansive, Hint: Something that starts with “C” and ends with “rafting”), making the player more powerful for each boss killed. There are several different pieces of gear that the player can equip and use. Whilst a lot of games are purely stat-based, we’re looking at a model that allows us to create items that are actually interesting, rather than just being an item that upgrades your strength by +1.

Amulet of Eir

Amulet of Eir

The character will be able to unlock spells by defeating earlier mentioned boss monsters. At the outset we’re looking at about 50 (!) spells to explore and use in conjunction with our new spell interaction model. Which leads us to:

End Game

“So I’ve killed every boss in the game, what do I do now?”

Tamarrion will come with several different difficulties, clearing a wing in one difficulty will unlock a new one, with its own new mechanics and it’s own new, and improved, loot table. If you’ve ever played Diablo, World of Warcraft or even Warhammer:Vermintide you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

We’re looking to create an environment, with an updatable client, that allows us to generate more content for the players who wants to progress in the world that we’re building. And a community that strives to explore, defeat and gather everything the game has to offer.

That’s it for this week, but I’ll dive deeper into all of these types of progression individually as we get closer to finishing the systems.


Oskar “Perkulatorn”

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