Lore Day #2 – The Necromancer Part 1

More than a lifetime ago, a child was born in a cottage outside a small village. With her father killed while serving in the local Lord’s army and her mother dying from childbirth she entered this world as an orphan. She was taken in by an elder couple that had no children of their own, at the turn of her second birthday the man died from the fever and the village was pestered with illnesses and famine. The lady who still took care of her was also taken by the fever when the little girl was six years old. The villagers had been talking for years, staying away from the cottage where they were sure the little girl was playing with dead animals. After all these years in despair they started blaming the little girl for the diseases and animals dying. They shunned her and did not welcome the poor girl into the village; at the most they would throw out some scraps of food before locking the doors.

The girl stayed alone in the run down cottage just inside the ridge of the forest. She was completely alone and had no one to talk to or care for her, no one to sing her lullabies when she was afraid of the dark. She had no one to play with apart from the dead cat that she hugged tightly at night and by day she would make him dance for her. She had always had that fascination of dead things and they seemed to come alive before her.


Years passed by, the little girl grew but even with the aid of the dead animals that she raised to help her find food she was thin as a stick. The villagers would still have nothing to do with her and deep inside there grew an anger and hatred towards them, a small seed of darkness that grew as she did. The now prosperous village still feared the girl, and rumours were wide spread about dead animals coming to life and her walking around the graveyard at night, they would run away and make warding signs if they saw her, no one even knew her name. She would stay away from them as well; always carrying that anger inside, she liked dead things better anyway. Or watching them die.

One day a young Lord rode into the village with his army…

End of Part 1


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