Art Time! #5


In this Art Time! I, Vincent, will show you an early look at the construction of the level when it comes to the creation of terrain.

The process starts in Photoshop where I put together the base layout of the level using simple shapes and silhouettes.

Map Design2

My choice of workflow was then to use 3DStudio Max to create the layout using boxes and put it in Unity to use it as a template to build the terrain with the terrain component Unity has. This proved to be functional at first to test height of the level and so on, but when changes had to be made to the base concept it was a step that only stole time away.


For the current iteration of the level design I simply placed the concept art on a plane directly in Unity and placed it flat on the terrain and built from there; something that proved quicker and more effective in the end. The structure of the level has gone through many iterations, even after the 2D drawings, this was done very easily by directly manipulating the Unity terrain.


Currently this is what exists, in the next step after the design is approved I will convert the Unity terrain into a 3D model for me to use in 3DS Max. There it will function as a way to see the scale and to be used to create the cliff sides and other terrain objects that can’t be built using the terrain component. That process will most likely be discussed in a future Art Time! when we are further along and have more to show you.

Thank you for your time.
Have a good one!

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