Art Time! #4


Vincent here to give you another Art Time! focused on the environment. Much has happened since last time, even another overhaul of the style. Just as the first iteration had some issues, the one we showed two weeks ago, we noticed, went in a different direction than we had planned, a case of the idea led to the very extreme of the idea.


What we had to do was to look back at what we first had since it worked better together with Tamarrion’s character design, and try to destroy and rebuild rather than start from scratch.


We will base this iteration closer to reality and then we will put it through a treatment in Zbrush and continue with our hand-painted texture work.

Right now there is not much more we can show you, as this process just started a little over a week ago. We will continue to iterate and try to summon our best, creating a beautiful concise art style between characters and environment. So stay tuned for more Art time! Thank you.

Have a good one!

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