Art Time! #2


My name is Vincent Måns and I’m the Environment Artist for Tamarrion. Welcome to the second edition of Art Time! Today I’m going to go through some design decisions made to the new version of the level and the overall design of the environment.

To start off, we must first look at the old level and see what did not work out that well. The pillar base created some problems from the start, they had sharp metallic pieces keeping the player away when they were supposed to function as a defense against a specific mechanic, that was the first change that had to be made. Other was the overall emptiness of the room and the alcoves especially. But what it came down to in the end was the overall aesthetic and look of the design, it simply did not fit the vision we had in mind.


And by the start of summer I began to sketch up some redesigns to fix these issues and take it to the next level.

The new assets would be more stylized, go more towards the no straight lines-rule. Exaggerated shapes and bends, even playing with the perspective of the player. I also wanted to incorporate a more classic vault design in the ceiling; giving it more character. During the process we also decided to give each level a more themed treatment, making them more distinguishable and unique. This undead level will be taking a more atmospheric and spooky theme.


I went from a simple stone vault look and added details of wood to mix up the colors and materials. I gave the pillars a square and more sturdy look, shields will also be added to them to give the player a better sense of why they are there, so that they actually understand they can hide behind them.
The alcoves are a bit smaller and will be filled with sacrificial items and also more clearly display that they cannot be entered during the hiding phase.
Walls are slightly curved towards the center, creating some sort of distorted perspective for the player, making it seem as if the building is looming above them.That very same principle is something I’m applying to the outside assets as well, giving them a crooked look as if they are reaching for the player.


Thank you for your time, see you in the next Art Time!
Have a good one!

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