Development diary #2: Skillshots

Hello and welcome back to the development diary!

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the new skillshot system that will be introduced in the next version of the game.


As we’re working on creating a new keyboard specific control for the game, we’re also changing the way spells are being cast. The former version of the game basically worked as following: is there a boss? If yes then is the boss within range? If yes, then cast the targeted spell.

With the new controls, we’re aiming to create more powerful and interactive spells, so hence, we’re making the new spells skill based; meaning that the direction of the spell, the placement and the chance of success is based on the players skill rather than button mashing.

We did not want the player to randomly press spells as they went off cooldown, but rather use the spells in combination with other spells, as well as use the spell as they are designed, for context specific situations where a failed spell might be the end of you, or the savior of the situation. It’s all about the aesthetics of Tamarrion; an emotional roller-coaster, where the players’ skill is everything, and the outcome is purely based on your own actions.


Mock-up of the new skillshot system.

How does it work?

If you’re familiar with playing games such as Smite or League of Legends, you’ll find this system to be easy to control. This also allows for a higher skill-ceiling, which players who enjoys the difficulty that Tamarrion offers hopefully finds rewarding.

The skill-shots, or spells in general (all spells will be converted to some kind of skill shot, or basically being put in as a Area of Effect), comes in various forms. They can be magic spells being shot from the player to the boss, or areas where the player might heal themselves.

This coincides with the new spell system in general. Example being a spell that the player may cast on targeted location, a circle that heals the player when the player is standing within the circle, but turns into a lethal Area of Effect damage circle when the player steps out, damaging any creature that enters.

We’ll talk more about the new spell system in an upcoming Development diary.

So that’s about it for today’s development diary. More information about skillshots will be revealed soon, as we’re still working on the new control system.

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