Art Time!

We have now gotten started with the project again and are working hard on brand new art assets for Tamarrion.

We are iterating upon the old level and recreating it from scratch, creating the entire boss wing together to make sure that the style is cohesive throughout. After finishing the first prototype we felt that we wanted to push the art style further, towards a more comical and stylized look.

Enviroment Concepts

Enviroment Concepts

To achieve this we are working a lot with shapes, one of our most crucial aspect regarding the enviromental art is that there are supposed to be no straight lines. This means that even lines that are supposed to be straight will be twisted and curved.

We are not only working on a new version of the level though, we also have another boss character in the making. The concept phase was completed last week and over the weekend we started modeling her in 3D.

Concept Sketch of the new Boss!

Concept Sketch of the new Boss!

Turnaround of our new character!

Turnaround of our new character

She was once a follower of Lord Valac and is still loyal to him in death. In contrast to Lord Valac she will not be using melee combat but rather be focused on casting spells.


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