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Development Diary #1: What’s new


Welcome back

The team here at Tamarrion is now back and working on a new and improved version of the game.

We’re aiming to actually release a public (albeit slightly restricted) revamped version of the game to our fans. We’ll be updating quite a few things, and I’ll list a few new features and revamps we’ll be working on the next few weeks.

Camera model, Input and Spells.

After popular demand, we’re changing the camera and input model to keyboard and mouse. This will, in turn, bring on a whole new way of interacting with the game world. First off, we’re reworking the entire spell system from a boolean “Is-the-boss-close-enough-if-so-cast-spell” to a skill shot system, wherein the player actually has to learn how to use spells properly rather than button smashing.

Secondly, this means that the WASD input model will be used, but with a twist; we’re looking at Smites camera model and we’re trying to disassemble it, and apply it in a new way for Tamarrion.

So as you can see, as well as a lot of new backend work, such as multi-targeting, moving inventory and spell-menus from the menu to in-game, we’re also working on several gameplay changes.

God Powers

I’ll be getting into this in a later Development Diary, but in essence, the god power system will have to be revamped and redesigned to fit the new spell system. That’s all we can talk about right now.

New Boss(es)

We’re currently working on a new boss that will be radically different from Lord Valac. We’re aiming to challenge the player in new ways, and design the boss fights with the new input model in mind. This will require us to retune and rethink the Lord Valac boss design as well. But we’ll save that for a later diary.

How do I get in on this?

Head on over to our website ( and sign up for a chance of being selected to play our game!

That’s it for this diary. Next diary will talk more about the upcoming camera and input model.

Back to Work!

After being spread throughout the country over the summer, the team is finally back together and ready to get back to work. We are starting up our production line again and soon there will be another boss for Tamarrion to fight!

Back in the Game