Trailer Teaser

We are working a trailer for Tamarrion, here is a pre-trailer teaser for you. =)

Internal BETA Week

This week has been a very busy one culminating in an open playtesting session, internal BETA and Art-Handins. The playtesting session gave us a chance to have a lokk at what the other students are up to as well as a lot of valuable feedback, the most common thing pointed out was that the testers wanted a dodge roll, something that we have long planned to implement.


From this…


to this!

We also had a visitor in the office, helping us out with Unity and shaders, we mostly discussed light effects. This meeting was very useful as today was also the day where we had to hand in screenshots of the game as well as the Logo.


The coders are still doing well, one of the biggest challenges they have faced this week, but not yet solved completely, is to project light through coloured glass window so that they are reflected on the floor and the light is coloured by them. They have also worked on the camera, but most of the time has been spent side by side with the designer adjusting values and and adding feedback.

The designer has begun working on balancing everything, spending a lot of time playtesting and working with the coders to make adjustments before playtesting yet again.


The artists have had very much to do this week and have been working really hard on a tight schedule to make the deadline. The week was started by fixing the last things on the low-polys and getting the UV-mapping done as fast as possible so that all textures could be done for the screenshots and playtesting. The Logo was reworked from a simple symbol to a complete Logotype this week as well as reworking the lighting and a lot of time was spent on them, again for the deadline.

With textures and lighting starting to fall into place the game is starting to look really good and we managed to get some good-looking screenshots. We still have two weeks to go and they will be spent on animations, UI, Balancing and polishing everything so that it looks even better and plays as good as can be.

Action3 Action1 Environment1


Last week we had our internal Alpha and this week we had our official Alpha testing. Two people who have not seen the game before were invited to test our game and give us feedback on the alpha that we presented. We managed to meet all our goals that we had set for the Alpha, this meant that all features exists in the game in some form. We took the opportunity to add feedback and make adjustments based on the feedback that we were given at an open playtesting session prior to the Alpha.

The coders are still well on schedule, the boss fight is constantly being worked on, most time being spent on spells and abilities at the moment, and the menus are also coming along well. All menus and win/loose screens/stats are implemented and it is possible to go back and forth between the menus without losing the decisions that you have made.

sk__rmklipp_2015-04-22_14.12.32 sk__rmklipp_2015-04-22_14.12.41_1024 sk__rmklipp_2015-04-22_14.25.13

The artists are still stressed and have an enourmous amount of work left to do, the lowpolys of both characters’ bodies are in the game but the armour pieces are still in progress. Nearly all meshes of environmental objects are done and work has been started on the book for the menu. The artists need to get started on UV-mapping, texturing and animation during next week so that we will get done in time.


This week we also had the opportunity to have a shoot with two sword fighters in the mocap studio, unfortunately both actors were male so we will have to see how much we will be able to use. It was a lot of fun though and hopefully it will come in handy.

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The designer is busy working on the spells and abilities and occasionally writes a text or something.