End of Week 3

Last Friday we had our first internal deadline, which was to have a playable prototype, as we had this in only a few days this deadline was a success for us. This week we have been working towards our internal ALPHA which we have set Friday next week, at the point that we are now it seems as if we will be able to meet it without any bigger issues. IMG_1886 The coders are coming along really well, they have created functional spell systems – the player can equip different spells which they can use while playing – a functional inventory with a set of placeholder items which can be equipped and that work ingame as well as all menus of the game (complete with fancy programmer art). Something that they will need to iterate upon is the camera, it is not working perfectly with the controls yet and we need to experiment with the height and zoom of the camera to get the feeling that the player is a small character facing an enormous boss in a grand hall.

Lighting Test by Environmental Artist

All of the environmental objects exist in some form, they have low-poly meshes and various levels of polished high-polys although we have not yet started with texturing. At the moment there are a lot of stone tiles being worked and reworked in Z-brush by the poor artist who might never want to see another stone in his life.

Quick Skin and Base Rig Animated Within 3DS Max

The characters are slowly getting back on schedule it seems, although a lot of work still needs to be done. The boss character’s body still needs some touching up in z-brush, hopefully it will be complete before end of Monday. The player character’s high-poly mesh of the body and boots is complete and the base mesh has been tested with a quick skinning and base rig, which were done this week within the schedule. The high-poly meshes of the player character’s hair and both characters’ armour pieces are still to be done although the next step will be to create a low poly mesh that can be tested with the base meshes of the armours so that we can test if they work before doing the high-polys. IMG_1887

In the design department the Game Design Document is still being developed, the biggest change this week though, is that we have completely redesigned our combo point and spell system to create a more interesting gameplay that fits the world and theme of the game.

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