Wednesday Update

It is the middle of the second week, on the code side of the project the prototype is really starting to shape up. There is one playable character, one NPC that attacks the player if they come close and a basic UI that shows stats. As said in the last post, the character is also able to cast a few spells and the same is now true for the NPC. Apart from that we have basic menus in progress, for instance a main and an ingame menu.


The coders have also continued working on the level, working closely with the environmental artist to place the assets and understand the design correctly.

In the design department the Game Design Document is being developed and is now close to completion of the first draft that will need to be handed in at the end of this week.


The artists are getting well on their way with the character meshes, the very first base meshes are complete and have been taken into z-brush. This might be a critical point due to two of the three artists have never used the program before, it is something that we decided that we wanted to test anyways as we thought it might make a massive difference on the quality of the textures later. The plan B would be to complete the low-poly meshes in 3DS Max before handpainting all textures.

Skärmklipp 2015-04-08 15.47.48

All environmental base meshes are complete and have been sent to the coders for them to test in Unity. The environmental artist has now moved on to creating high-polys in z-brush which will be used to create textures and final meshes later.

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