Concepts Nearly Done

Today most of the concepts and turnarounds were completed, with the exception of weapons that are nearly done but still need another look at them. This meant that the artists were able to start working on the base meshes for the main character and level. The boss character will need to be started tomorrow, this was postponed due to one artist being ill.

Coloured version of Main Character – Tamarrion

The general size and layout of the level has been set within 3Ds Max, and the assets to go in them are in development. At the moment we have basic pillars which will form a path down the room and offer the player shelter from AoE attacks.


Early version of pillar

Hopefully the base mesh of the main character will be complete tomorrow, if not, the day after. The boss character will also need to be started tomorrow.


Early version of Base Mesh

The designer has been busy working with the programmers and on the design documents and have at this point finished another two, in total five sections.

The programmers have continued working on attacking and have started working on implementing spells. At this point the spells give the player the ability to cast a projectile spell and a heal spell.

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