End of Week One

The first week of development is now at an end, some of us came into the office today for a casual day of work even though it is a holiday. Although it was very relaxed, with visitors coming by to have a look and some playing games occurred, we managed to get some things done.

The designer is currently working on the design documents and have at this point finished three sections of it. After some discussions between programmers and the designer it was decided that they will start working on a very simple UI even though it is far ahead of schedule. This decision was based on the designer feeling it would be easier to figure out how the fights in the game would work. The final versions of the UI is left on their original deadlines though, as other elements are far more important for gameplay.

The coders are getting well on their way with their prototype, using unity seems to make their work very fast and easy. They have implemented a functional camera (still in need of balancing), a character that can move and attack as well as a NPC with basic stats. They did find something that they did not quite expect today though, when they were testing attacking which they had been working on today they found this happening.

The most OP boss ever! Attack and he multiplies!

The artists are a bit behind schedule, although they are well on their way with the concept art, it would have been optimal to actually start producing assets in 3D this week. The concept art of the level is pretty much finished and has base colours which might need to be reworked slightly to match it with the characters, the artist in charge of that is currently working on important details for the level.

The turnaround for the boss character is getting there but still has some issues left to be resolved. The biggest problem at this stage has been that he is looking to slender, needing more muscle definition to make him look like a big, heavy and dangerous character, and his posture being too straight which would deform the mesh in an undesirable way when animating.

The turnaround of the main character was completed today, there is still room for additional cleaning but at this point it is not necessary to spend more time on it, the only reason for doing that would be for promotional purposes. We also started playing around a bit with her colour scheme, it has the basics down but is still in need of additional work.

Turnaround of Main Character

Overall we are happy with what we have achieved during this week. The art is a bit worrying as we need to get it finished ASAP so that we can start with models, there is still concept art for weapons to do as well. We have had only three full days of proper work this week though and it is very important to get the concepts right. If we step it up next week we will hopefully get back on track before long.

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