Almost Out of Cookies

Today was our second day in the office and we are almost out of cookies.

We did however get our keyboards and extra monitors, now we only need more sockets so that we can plug them all in and we will be completely set up!


Our designer was feeling better today and managed to get himself down to the office to go through what we have done so far and start working on the Game Design Documents.

The coders have continued working on the camera, which seems to be something that is quite tricky but very important to get right. They have also started working on character stats and Boss Activation (when the player reaches a certain point the boss will be activated and start attacking).

The artists have been busy continuing on the Concept Art and are starting to be well on their way. We are still hoping that the base meshes will be started this week, which means that the turnarounds must be finished by the end of the day tomorrow. If necessary, more time will be spent on this as it is the foundation of the entire game.

We also took some time to go and listen to some of the pitches of our classmates hoping to get their projects greenlighted as we find it interesting to see what the other groups are up to.


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