Getting Started

Today was the first day of proper work, we started with a morning meeting, which we will have daily, where we discussed our aims for today and the week and divided the first tasks. At the end of the day the coders had a project in Unity, started working on the camera and had an animated placeholder character moving inside a room with an xbox-controller.

The art team have been busy working on the concept arts for the main character, antagonist and level, they will continue doing this as it is extremely important being the foundation of the entire art style. Their aim is to get started on the base meshes before the end of this week.

The Producer/Lead Artist also managed to fit in a mentor sessions with one of the teachers, getting some new perspective on the concepts in progress and the animation lists.

Perhaps most importantly we now have started to decorate our wall of inspiration with pictures (which we hope will be filled with pictures soon) and bought stuff so that we can have tea and cookies! 🙂



First Day in the Office!

Today we had an introductory lecture before getting access to our office. We have spent the afternoon finding and moving around furnitures, putting up screenwalls and making a list of things we need.

We just need to get some extra screens and other electronic stuffs and we will be good to go!

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